Bingki – Korean Cup Bingsu Cafe at Tanjong Pagar

As the weather gets hotter, we start seeing more and more Korean bingsu cafes opening. Bingki is the newest addition to the bingsu family at Tanjong Pagar, opened 24/7!

Located just opposite Orchid Hotel under the HDB block, this whitish Korean bingsu cafe’s signature item is their bingsu, one that is dressed cutely and looked like a bear. Kyota~~


The prices of the bingsu on their menu range from $12 to $18, with 13 flavours in total. Think Papaya ($15), Peaches ($15) and Pineapple ($18) as the interesting ones.


The cute bear shaped ones were Oreo ($14), Green Tea ($14) and Mango ($15) with almond flakes as their ears and chocolate chips as their eyes and nose.


Bingsu was assembles in a huge coffee cup lookalike with a handle for carrying it in one hand. Probably to drink up the melted ice?

Size were generally smaller compared to other conventional bingsu out there and there’s no additional milk to do the typical pour shots as their shaved milk were sweet enough.

Overall, a tad expensive for its size though.


The shaved snow were pretty fine and sweet on its own, suitable for the sweet tooth. Mango were bite sized and sweet which we enjoyed it! Chuwahaeyo~

Promising for now, we wished that the size could be bigger considered its price point.

Address: 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Singapore 081007 (Google Map)

Opening Hours: 24/7 Everyday

Link: Facebook


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