Halal Western Food at My Secret Hideout Peachy’s at Bugis

My Secret Hideout Peachy's 5

So, we chanced upon this secret hideout (not so secret afterall eh?) when walking from Bugis towards Lavender after getting the kaya and matcha swiss rolls from Rich & Good Cake Shop.

It was a weekend dinner timing and we waited for about 20 mins before getting a table for two. Thankfully we went with an half empty stomach (maybe not…), word of advice is to go early and especially so for large groups.

My Secret Hideout Peachy's menu

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Prices on the menu looks affordable with prices < $10. Being a sucker for anything cheese, we settled for the cheesy chicken chop (#5) and cheesy chicken cutlet omu (#45)

We made our payment upon ordering (nett prices) and look forward to the food. Taking a quick glance around the restaurant, we were rather surprised that although it is a halal certified restaurant, the crowd had a good mix of Chinese and Caucasians as well.


My Secret Hideout Peachy's 3

Cheesy Chicken Chop


When the plate was served, we soon regretted not coming with an empty stomach. The portion was out of our expectation, bigger than what we thought it would be, which is a good thing definitely. Taste-wise, the chicken chop was alright but could be more tender, the cheese tends to be gooey after  a while, so its best eaten while hot.

There is a mixture of soggy (immersed in the gravy) and crispy fries, so take your pick! Best of both worlds for you if you are a lover of both haha.

My Secret Hideout Peachy's 4

Cheesey Chicken Cutlet Omu Rice

If the previous picture of the chicken cutlet wasn’t a clear representation of its portion, this definitely justifies so. LOOK at the cheese, on the cutlet which is laid atop the omelette encasing the rice. JUST TOO MUCH on a plate and what? This is cheaper than the cutlet!


My Secret Hideout Peachy's 1

The lancetaey moment of cheese-pulling

Cheesey + fried chicken, so good yet so sinful. The fried chicken cutlet was not bad, but not the best I had, but the cheese and price won me over. This plate could probably feed 2 guys or even 4 petite-sized girls.

My Secret Hideout Peachy's 2

Good to share among 3 or 4!



Other than The Ramen Stall, Hyde & Co, Victory Restaurant and Zam Zam, now this is one other place (hopefully still remains a secret to many) that I would hang out with my friends for a cheap and satisfying halal meal!

My Secret Hideout Peachy's 6

The front door in case you walk past without realizing


My Secret Hideout Peachy’s

Address: 803 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198771 (Google Map)

Opening Hours: 12pm – 1030pm daily

Link: Facebook

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