Nice meating you – 8 Korean BBQ at The Central, Clarke Quay

Other than Tae Woo Korean Restaurant which serves the oh-so-awesome Korean Black Bean Noodle (JaJangMyeon) made famous for its constant appearance on Korean Dramas, 8 Korean BBQ is surely another Korean restaurant in The Central that’s worth a visit for its grilled meat and squid.

8 colors set $98 (inclusive of stew)

8 korean bbq 1

Beautifully marbled manglitsa pork bellies marinated in 8 different flavours, wine, original, kalbi, garlic, herb, curry, miso and red pepper taste. Start from the lightest to heaviest flavor (red pepper) I prefer my meats with heavy flavor and some of my favorites are those marinated in kalbi, curry and red pepper.

8 korean bbq 7

8 korean bbq 10

8 korean bbq 8

8 korean bbq 9

Enjoy the experience while the staff grill and serve the meats when it is cooked to you. Be assured of the impeccable service here! We know the Korean way of eating is to wrap it in lettuces but being hungry, we skipped the step and dived in for the meats on the hotplate.

8 korean bbq 5

We also had the army stew with ramyeon, sausages, spam, ham, baked beans and cheese. The warm soupy stew proves comforting after some grilled meat.

8 korean bbq 2

8 korean bbq 3

Kimcheese fried rice $20, mozzarella, mangalitsa ($20) – best way to enjoy this is to stir into a mess and what you get is spoonful of smoky rice with cheese and bonito flakes. I felt that kimchi flavor could be more intense. To my delight, kimchi is free flow here so add more to your heart content for an ultimate kimchi-ish fried rice. More cheese please!

Grilled squid – whole Korean squid with garlic butter ($18)

8 korean bbq 11

8 korean bbq 12

I haven’t seen this in any other Korean in restaurants in SG. Looks unassuming but wowed us in terms of taste. It is neither rubbery nor hard and goes well even without the creamy mayo soy dip. So good that we ended up having two!

Mushroom set – Portobello, enoki, white button, king oyster, garlic butter ($18)

8 korean bbq 6

This is a must order for shroom lovers despite the steep price, bliss at the instance when the mushrooms soaked up the melted garlic buttery goodness.

Bibimbap bingsu ($28) – sweet desserts after a meaty affair. This is otherwise referred as the sweet version of the savoury bibimbap, served in a stone bowl. By the way, it is a halved peach in the centre to resemble that of an egg. Dig beneath the assortment of fruits to find finely shaved snow ice likened to that of Nunsongyee and Nunsaram.


Definitely a place worth considering for Korean BBQ and not forgetting their sojus too!

(This was an invited tasting)

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, #02-79/90, Singapore 059817

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 1130 – 1430 and 1730 – 2230; Sat – Sun: 1130 – 2230

Link: Facebook / Instagram




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