BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore – Famous Hokkaido Cheese Tart Opened 1st Store in ION Orchard

We first had our first BAKE Cheese Tart in Hong Kong and oh man, 1.5 hours of queue, limited quantity for each purchase. But no regrets, it’s the BEST cheese tart we ever had.


And till know, we are still dreaming about it. Wait, no need to dream because it had just opened their first outlet in Singapore! Woohoo!


With 13 stores worldwide, 9 in Japan and 4 in other parts of Asia, we were glad (really glad) that they came to our shore. And we heard that there’s a 3 hour queue on their first day of opening. Exaggerating?

Check out our unboxing video!


But why so different? The usual cheese tart uses the normal cream cheese that was found in cheese cake and was denser in texture. At BAKE, 3 different types of cream cheese was used – 2 from Hokkaido, 1 from France (going international yeah?)


The filling was like a light japanese cheesecake, soft and fluffy and light! And we ended up munching on it without realising the calories we consumed! Ooops.

Their crust was double baked, to give it a crispy outer layer texture and a soft fluffy core. Just like eating a cookie instead of the usual flaky tart shells.


Limited to 12 cheese tarts per purchase (let’s be fair to the ones queueing behind ya?), each cheese tart will cost $3.50 and a box of 6 will cost $19.50.

Of course we will get the box of 6, because we already queued for so long!


BAKE Cheese Tart Singapore

ION Orchard , B4-33, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

Link: Instagram / Facebook

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