Joint Burger Singapore – Best Burger in New York City Opened at Amoy Street

Voted as the “Best Burger in New York City”, Joint Burger opened their first outlet in Singapore yesterday along Amoy Street.


They were pretty secretive with their opening date. With just a Neon lighting burger structure hanging at the entrance and located off the main Amoy Street, one can enter Burger Joint through the entrance along Gemmill Lane (an alley).


With dark curtains separating the main entrance from the main dining area, it’s a (long) walk down the dark alley. Menu was scribbled on the posters hanging on the wall, easy-going and fuss free, and we could see the (hot, literally) chefs in action over the kitchen counter.


Order was made upon entering the dining area and the queue number would be shouted out when the order was ready for collection (We actually missed the number because the music could get a little loud at times).


The menu consisted of Single Patty Cheese Burger ($13.80), Hamburger ($13.10), Bacon Burger ($15.10) and Bacon Cheeseburger ($15.80).

The Doubles (with double the fun and also calories) consisted of Hamburger ($23.50), Cheeseburger ($24.90), Bcaon Burger ($26) and Bacon Cheeseburger ($27.40).


Choose your rarity from Rare, Med-Rare, Medium, Med-Well, Well done and toppings will include Lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickles, ketchup, mayo and mustard.

Available mode of payment is by cash or NETS (when it gets a little pricey, and it will be). Whereas waiting time is about 15 minutes on a non peak timing.


What we liked about the burgers were the soft buns, tender and juicy patty and the unlimited supply of mustard and keychup on the table to spam on when the burger gets boring.

The patty could be a little bland though, even though we did enjoy the soft and tender bite to it initially. Bacon was on the soft and chewy side too.


The Fries ($5.50) was unfortunately salty, and tasted like all other fast food chains, except at twice the price. Ooops.


For the R21, I mean the adults, go for their Boozy Milkshakes ($15.80) that comes with either Bailey’s or amaretto. The former was slightly sweet, smooth with a distinct taste of Bailey’s which was the most enjoyable item there.

Burger Joint Singapore

115 Amoy Street #01-03 Singapore 069935 (Google Map)

Opening Hours: 11am – 12mn (Tue-Sun), Closed Mon

Websites: Facebook/ Instagram

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