Cheng’s Gourmet Food Bar near NUS

A café situated a mere 3 minutes’ walk away from Kent Ridge Bus Terminal. WHAT?! Why didn’t it exist while I was still schooling in NUS?

Chengs Gourmet Food Bar 2

Corner of the Cafe Bistro

Apart from prata, naans and XLBs in the neighborhood, Cheng’s Gourmet Food Bar serves café bistro food (brunch dishes, burgers, risotto) with a homely twist.

Chengs Gourmet Food Bar Menu

The menu (credits: Cheng’s Facebook Page)

Chengs Gourmet Food Bar 3

Skip the Iced Mocha at the back!

We felt transported back to the chemistry laboratories of titration experiments when introduced with this drink – The Ultraviolet floral cooler. In simpler terms, it is basically tea that changes color from blue to purple upon the addition of lemon juice. We like the fact that it is visually appealing and refreshing.

Chengs Gourmet Food Bar 6

The dark, black sexy charcoal wagyu burger

.We opted for no add-ons (Bacon, egg, extra cheese add on options are available) The medium rare wagyu patty was juicy and flavorful but the texture of the bun was soggy and lacks fluffiness. It was quite a filling burger and yes, that cheese!

Chengs Gourmet Food Bar 5

Chengs Gourmet Food Bar 9

Five Finger Stuffed Fried Chicken – deboned wings stuffed with minced chicken which comes served with sweet thai chilli sauce. The batter was a little thick and perhaps the addition of chestnuts in the stuffed wings could give it a crunchier texture.

Chengs Gourmet Food Bar 4

Pulled Pork with poached egg. To sum this up, a pretty dish and in fact, our favorite dish. The tender pulled pork has a slight spicy and smoky flavor perfectly balanced by the purple coleslaw. The poached egg tends to be on the watery side.

Chengs Gourmet Food Bar 10

Chengs Gourmet Food Bar 1

Hotcake with a scoop of coconut ice cream drizzled with gula melaka. The hotcake has a fluffy texture and is a blown-up form of a muffin. Serving was huge and two of us couldn’t finish it.

Chengs Gourmet Food Bar 7

Good for all you NUS peeps and yay to another cafe that opens in the WEST! Rejoice westies.

(This was an invited media tasting)

Address: 28 Clementi Road, Singapore 129754

Opening Hours: 11.30am­-5.00pm, Dinner: 5.30pm­-11.45pm daily

Link: Facebook  / Instagram

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