Hello Kitty Orchid Garden | Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore opens 24 hour in Changi Airport!

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden sets foot in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 and is the world’s first to open for 24-hours! Now, you can not only have it for lunch and dinner, but breakfast and supper as well, in fact every meal of the day there.

hello kitty cafe 1

hello kitty cafe 15


Different from the usual shades of pink seen at Hello Kitty Cafes, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden boasts more of a garden-esque surrounding with a colonial touch. In the midst of the garden paradise setting, there are 3D life- sized Hello Kitty for photo shoots, selfies and OOTDS.hello kitty cafe 3

Note the double bowed hello kitty~

Apart from the lush blooms and greenery in the café, we were greeted with first, the fragrant scent from the orchids and secondly, the aroma from the food. :X


hello kitty cafe 8

hello kitty cafe 9

Hola Nachos ($15.90) – The crunchy hello kitty tortilla chips, with the right thickness, have a noticeable corn flavour. One can either opt to dip the chip in the rich cheddar cheese sauce that delivers a savour umami punch or if you are ambitious like me, scoop up as many toppings (jalapenos, chopped olives and tomato salsa) as you can with every bite.

This was one of my favourite dishes as I love cheese and the fact that each chip gets covered with every ingredient.

hello kitty cafe 11

Enchanted Forest * ($17.90) – Not the dish to order if you decide to visit because of Hello Kitty because only the topmost quesadilla has the kitty imprinted on it and this is less photogenic than most of the other items on the menu. Taste-wise, this was pretty much a surprise winner. The wasabi-sesame mayonnaise added a thicker texture together with mashed avocado and prawn. Hidden gems found in the “forest”.

hello kitty cafe 10

Over the Rainbow Salad ($15.90) – For the health conscious if you are visiting the café for supper? Highlight was the mild sweet-spicy laksa mustard vinaigrette dressing for the salad that sort of mask the pungent jackfruit smell. * The carrots are in shapes of hello kitty!

hello kitty cafe 12

hello kitty cafe 14

Big Breakfast Surprise ($18.50) – this doesn’t come too much as a surprise as it’s the usual breakfast suspects at work again other than the Kitty-shaped waffle. The set comes with scrambled eggs, smoked duck slices and sautéed shiitake mushrooms. This was decent, but honestly nothing to shout about.

hello kitty cafe 13

One of the dishes that had a local touch to the food and had me captivated last night, the Cowabunga! Wagyu ($24) – the luxurious version of the Singaporean favourite.  The fork-tender wagyu meat was simmered in the rich flavor of special pineapple rempah (Nyonya spice mix) and was not particularly spicy in fact, leaning towards sweet. I couldn’t help but scoop for more of the delectable rempah sauce with the Japanese rice spiked with paprika. A truly Singaporean dish that I truly enjoyed!

hello kitty cafe 17

The Cat in Paradise – Mango Pudding

hello kitty cafe 19

Hide & Seek: Prepare for some instavideos with the wobbly Pandan Panna Cotta

hello kitty cafe 20

Drizzle some gula melaka for added sweetness

hello kitty cafe 23

Camping Under the Stars -green tea powder, toasted muesli and a “tent”

Among the three desserts, I preferred the “The Cat in Paradise ($18.50)”, coincidentally the most photogenic one as well, to the other two. It strikes a balance between sweet and sour and is somewhat similar to Asian style mango mousse pudding (芒果布甸).

Other than the plated desserts, there is gelato (get the chocolate!) and soft serve frozen yoghurt with choices of sauce, fruits and crunch.

hello kitty cafe 21

Pistachio Gelato

hello kitty cafe 22

The tangy frozen yogurt with kiwi and strawberries

For drinks, there are options for coffee, tea or Kitty Coolers (lemonade soda). Get the cup of hot latte that comes with a hello kitty latte art or the Kitty’s apple pie tea with hints of cinnamon that comes with a Hello-kitty shaped butter cookie.

hello kitty cafe 6


hello kitty cafe 4


hello kitty cafe 7Refreshing glass of Kitty Blush (rosy concoction of watermelon juice, basil and soda water)

hello kitty cafe 16

Merchandise corner

hello kitty cafe 18

You can shop for exclusive Hello Kitty merchandise like the Bespoke Tea Gift set and postcards for your Hello kitty die-hard family or friends. Stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram page for availability of plushie toys!

Due to Singaporeans’ crazy obsession with Hello Kitty, there is a perpetual long queue (all-day) and the best time to get the seats in the shortest possible time would be any time after 10+ pm. Avoid Fridays and weekends unless you are a true-blue Hello Kitty fan.

  • Note that limited menu would be served between 12 midnight to 6 am daily~

hello kitty cafe 2

Address: Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, Arrival Hall Central #01-22, Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport

Opens 24 Hours

Link: Facebook / Instagram / Website





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