Rainbow Cheese Toastie in Singapore, Epicurious at Robertson Quay

Following the hype of Rainbow cheese toasties in Hong Kong (Kala Toast), Epicurious Café introduced their version of the gorgeous cheese toasties this week. You can get one now in Singapore! There is just this magical effect of pretty food that makes one ecstatic, all the more when it involves cheese (at least for me, haha)rainbow cheese toast epicurius cafe 8

In case you are wondering about the colors of the cheeses, they are infused with vibrant colorings from beetroot (red), carrot (orange), spinach (green), blue (potato and garlic with blue butterfly pea) and violet (red cabbage) with minimal food colorings.

rainbow cheese toast epicurius cafe 6

rainbow cheese toast epicurius cafe 2

Bread is slightly buttery on the outside to a golden crust while remaining pillow-soft within. Generally, it is hard to distinguish the flavor difference between the vegetables as they are overpowered by the lactic flavour of the cheese and truffle oil. We felt that the melt and stretch ratio is not consistent so sometimes it might not stretch as well as you would expect it to be. And hence, no good picture lah!

Now, for some photo-taking styles you could try about while playing with the food. HAHA

The first shot: typically one where you stretches the two rectangular half toasties apart. You can do it either vertically (gravity-defying) or on the plate.

rainbow cheese toast epicurius cafe 10

Vertical pose


rainbow cheese toast epicurius cafe 5

on the table, where you pull wide apart


A top down shot: with the hands in frame, burger-shot kind of picture

rainbow cheese toast epicurius cafe 9

A rainbow toasty shot with the rainbow bridge (Alkaff Bridge) in the backdrop

rainbow cheese toast epicurius cafe 11

rainbow cheese toast epicurius cafe 7

Another one with the two stacked together


For more cheese-stretchy shots, peel off the top layer of toasts (you have two chances here, one for each half toasty)

rainbow cheese toast epicurius cafe 4


$9 on itself and $16 with fries and beetroot salad. We say, skip the fries and beetroot salad as you will probably spend a good 10-15 minutes playing and snapping pictures of the photogenic toasties? Unless, you are a fan of soggy fries? HAHA!

 (Limited numbers per day, available for dinner as well)

Address: #01-02 The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238252

Opening Hours: Mon: 0830 – 1700; Tues – Fri 1130 -1430 & 1800 – 2200; Sat & Sun: 0830 – 2200

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