Dakgalbi at Paik’s Pan in Johor Bahru City Square, JB

 After bypassing this restaurant umpteen times, never once did I tried it. Because each visit to JB, we would be stuffing ourselves silly with all the food. Especially this time, we set aside stomach space for it, or should I say our stomachs’ a bottomless pit? (We had 2 rounds of breakfast, Sushi Zanmai at JBCC for lunch, Secret Recipe for tea prior to dinner.) HAHA

Paik's Pan 1.

Paik’s Pan specializes in sizzling pan just like Yoogane in Singapore do, but at a more affordable price!

Paik's Pan 3

We opted for 2 servings to share among the 4 of us – one spicy dakgalbi with cheese and one teriyaki dakgalbi.

Other items on the menu includes:

UJU Tteokboki (Korean Army Stew, Buddae Jiggae look-alike) – Korean rice cake, eggs, noodle and ramen in spicy sauce. (RM53 – serves 2)

Minimum Serving: 2 pax

  1. Teriyaki Beef Pan – RM48/ per pax
  2. Spicy Squid Pan – RM 38/ per pax
  3. Spicy Dakgalbi (chicken) Pan – RM 30.80/ per pax
  4. Spicy Dakgalbi (chicken) Pan with cheese – RM 38.80/ per pax
  5. Teriyaki Dakgalbi (chicken) Pan – RM30.80/ per pax

Paik's Pan 2The side dishes were pretty forgettable, nothing to rave about.

Paik's Pan 4


Paik's Pan 5

Paik's Pan 7

We liked how the melted mozzarella cheese added another dimension to the overall taste. Cheese was not rubbery and hard, contrary to some facebook reviews. Spiciness level was manageable since one portion was teriyaki, should have gone with both portions spicy. We felt that the dakgalbi at Paik’s Pan was too wet and thick and decided to add on jjolmyeon – chewy noodle (RM 9.80) to soak up the sauce.

Paik's Pan 8

The noodle has a chewy consistency somewhere between that of glass and wanton noodle which we find it unique.

Paik's Pan 10

still looks wet.


We then finished off with a bowl of fried rice with flying fish roe (RM12.80) when we are left with around a quarter of the dakgalbi. The flying fish roe added a sweet taste which was rather out of place. Owing to the wet nature of the dakgalbi, the fried rice turn out clumpy and soggy, not the desired way we expected it to be. (No 锅巴 …)

Would we back for it? Yes, we still say when the Korean cravings kick in!

Paik's Pan 9

O yes, that cheese!


More JB places you might want to explore at:JB cafehopping Guide

Address: Lot MF08/09, Level 3 City Square, 106 -108, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 8000 Johor Bahru

Or KSL CITY BRANCH:  LG-38, Level Lower Ground Floor, KSL CITY, No. 33

Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm daily



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