Noshery Cafe at Nosh, Rochester Park

Noshery Café is hidden away in a corner of Rochester Park and you might miss it if you don’t stop and look around. I thought I got lost while looking for it as it is well concealed behind the greenery.

noshery cafe 4

Hello from the Noshery

We spontaneously decided on coming here after seeing the pretty rustic interior, spacious al fresco seating area and of course, how can I forget to mention, the largest pull factor; the food temptation. We are glad we went on with our choice as it turns out to be one of the BEST café I been to this year! (ok 5/12 a year so far)

The Weekend Brunch Menu

Noshery Cafe Brunch Menu

We shared the Yakitori Salmon, crabcake eggs benedict and buttermilk biscuits.


noshery cafe 1


This was definitely the highlight here. Looks rather unassuming in terms of looks, but stands out in taste. Definitely a dish that our taste buds jumping for joy!

The fragrance of the coconut emanates from the rice making it creamy, like the texture of mushy nasi lemak rice. I will come back for this again and again.

noshery cafe 7

Crabcake benedict with coconut curry sauce. Not sure if it is due to having the salmon first, I felt that the coconut curry taste was rather weak and mild but thumbs up for the beautifully poached egg. Crabcake has a nice crust outside and was creamy moist within.

noshery cafe 2

To end off, we had the buttermilk biscuits with whipped butter and honey as accompaniment. The biscuits are flaky and buttery but I would have preferred berry jam and chocolate sauce to go along with them.

noshery cafe 6

noshery cafe 9

noshery cafe 11

A surprisingly quiet café for a weekend and one closer to home, I am beginning to plan going back with other friends to try out more food and take 784362 wefies/OOTD in the Instagram-esque café! Haha

noshery cafe 5

The cosy interiors

Address: 9 Rochester Park, Singapore (139920)

Opening Hours: Tues – Fri: 1130 – 2230; Sat & Sun: 1030 – 2230

Link: Website / Facebook / Instagram



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