Meet & Melt – Lava Toast, Milkshakes, Shibuya Toasts and Charcoal Waffle At Scape Orchard And Tampines

[Updated: Nov 2016] Raclette cheese game strong! No need to go to the recent commotion on The Western Co. to eat their Raclette Fish & Chips, we get other alternatives in various cafes too!

The Raclette Cheese Toast ($17.90) was by far my personal favorite dish at Meet & Melt. Even though it’s not as pretty (or Instagram-worthy) as other creations, the taste was simple and yet complemented well together!

Savory cheese with sweet buttery toast was a perfect combination. And the best thing is, the toast is warm and fluffy.

So now I have to take note of my expanding waistline (counting the calories in the Raclette Cheese ooops).

Original Post

The recent appearance of Lava Toasts on social media created the latest hype where people started queuing way before its opening hours just Gotta Catch ’em All (in the tummy).

The excitement is real when lava started flowing out of toast, especially when the flow is big (it happens on some days of the month too). Dab it generously with the toast, in case there’s not enough pad in your bag.


Following the trend in Bangkok CODE Cafe of Dessert Enthusiasts, Meet & Melt released their own version. A toast with a hollow core to house the large amount of lava in it.

The toast came as a completed block unlike other cafes that were cut opened. Here, the flow is bigger for those interested in video purpose.


At a price of $14.90, 2 flavours of brioche toasts were available: Normal and Charcoal. 3 lava flavours were available: Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Milk Tea and Ferrero Rocher.


We preferred the normal toast, with a crispy and buttery exterior. The charcoal version was denser and more chewy. Green Milk Tea was more distinct compared to normal Thai Milk Tea, with a jasmine after taste.

Meet & Melt

Address: Blk 915 Tampines Street 91 #01-49, Singapore 520915

Opening Hours: 3pm – 11pm (Tue-Fri), 2pm – 11pm (Sat-Sun), Closed Mon

Link: Facebook

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