Matchaya opens in Icon Village – Now You Can get HOUJICHA Soft Serve in Singapore


Matchaya expanded from an online shop to a physical shop space at Icon Village and you must be thinking so what right? We made a beeline for the HOUJICHA soft serve (Is it a first in Singapore?) after learning that they started selling it at the shop!

Matchaya 8

Matcha, Houjicha, Royal Milk Tea, Kuromitsu

Matchaya 7

Matcha Brulee Toast


Matchaya 1

Taken outside Icon Village

Despite its dull appearance as compared to its vibrant cousin – Matcha, I am happy to have you. The rich bittersweet Houjicha softserve ($5.90) has a roasted nutty unqiue flavour and comes with a crispy buttery cookie on the side. You definitely should get one for yourself, it’s too good that you shouldn’t be sharing it please HAHA.

An additional note that the the soft serve is dense and does not melt easily. So, you definitely have time to bring your soft serve around in finding that ideal spot for a picture. =P

Matchaya 4

We also had the Matcha Brulee Toast where we waited for 10 minutes as it is made only upon order. This sadly, has nothing to shout about. Matcha milk jam and matcha powder were spread and sprinkled on the toasted honey buttered bread.  The sweet-bitter matcha milk jam tasted like matcha caramel, a little too sweet for my liking.

Matchaya 3

Matchaya 6

Matchaya 5

I half wished the toasted bread was replaced with pillowy egg custard French toast as I am a sucker for that. My friend said that, this could be easily replicable from home so long as you have a bottle of matcha milk jam. Looks like I need to try this out myself.

Matchaya Menu 1

Matchaya Menu

Other than latte drinks, brulee toasts, macarons and soft serves (only Houjicha for now), Matchaya serves roll cakes (which we have yet to try) as well. Oh yes, that meant one more to be added into our guide to Matcha Swiss Rolls in Singapore

So far, we really enjoyed the Houjicha items offered at Matchaya but would still prefer to go Tsujiri at 100AM, which is a stone’s throw away, to satisfy our matcha cravings. Watch for updates here when we try their roll cakes and matcha soft serve (to roll out soon).

The other time that I had the matcha latte (milk tea texture) with the addictive salted egg chips from The Golden Duck. They make quite a good pairing!

Address: #01-72 Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078877

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 11am – 9pm; Sat – Sun: 12pm – 10pm

Link: Facebook  / Instagram / Website


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