Paddy Hills Cafe at South Buona Vista Road

Paddy Hills took over the famous South Buona Braised Duck Rice a year ago and its been some time since we last came here for brunch!

Paddy Hills 1

A step into the café and we were greeted to the strong fragrance of coffee. The setting of the café was rather impressive, with a coffee counter with bar seats, cosy corners for couples and a communal table for large groups.

The place transform from a café in the day to a restaurant at night and it boasts a large menu (different menus for day and night) wow, and it’s not just a change-over of 4 or 5 items but entire menu of close to 20 items. Impressive it sounds isn’t it?

Paddy Hills 3

Some drinks to quench the thirst on a hot sunny day: Taste like purple $7 and yuzu effervescence $7. These quenchers are refreshing and instant coolers on a hot day. Alternatively, there’s coffee, chocolate or milkshake to choose from.

Paddy Hills 2

HOT Chocolate

Paddy Hills 4

The iced quenchers after effervescence~

PH Crab Roll ($28) – squid ink bun, blue swimmer crab, roe, kimchi slaw, wasabi mayo with fries! Interesting that Japanese Wasabi mayo meets the Korean Kimchi Slaw in this fusion dish! We wished that the bun was toasted to a crunchy texture!

Paddy Hills 7

Ramen risotto ($25) – Kurobuta char siew, shimeiji mushrooms and raw quail egg yolk. Rice cooked in rich ramen broth, eventually gaining the texture of risotto, definitely a delight for any foodie’s who are fond of ramen and risotto.

Paddy Hills 9

Naked English Muffin ($16) – In house stew beans, guacamole, greens and scrambled eggs

Paddy Hills 8

Pink Rigatoni ($25) – thinly sliced lardo on top of cacio e pepe with Brazilian sausage and mentaiko giving it a baby pink color!

Paddy Hills 6

Dino Egg ($19) – Chorizo Scotch Egg, potato nest, olive dust pink yogurt and arugula. The meat to potato ratio seems to be a tad not proportionate, and would prefer it to be cheesier too.  My suggestion is to order this dish for sharing, and eat it while hot!

Paddy Hills 5

Potato & Fish – $22.

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※ Paddy Hills | Potato Rosti and Seabass! ∴∵

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If you are thinking of fish and chips here (you might think that since fried rice could be found here, what could not be?), you are half right. They don’t exactly have fish and chips but sea bass and rosti. The highlight of the dish is the rosti, it is finely sliced and is very crunchy as compared to the ones in Marche. One of my personal favourite dish here.


Paddy Hills 11

Berry Muffcake ($20) – vanilla bean ice cream squares, chocolate crumbs, pumpkin seeds and lots of berries of course! This is the version 2.0 of the Berry Ricotta Hotcake that they used to have in the menu!  We love this dish where the muffcake’s texture leans towards that of a muffin but a little dry a times so request for more maple syrup or chocolate sauce!

Paddy Hills 12

All in all, there are hit and misses in the food but we definitely loved the ambience of it and did I forget to say there is a large mural wall outside of the café. Good to go in large groups to try out more variety of food!

Address: 38 South Buona Vista Road Singapore 118164

Opening Hours: 0830 – 2230

Link: Facebook  / Instagram

Nearest MRT: Haw Par Villa, Take bus 200, 3 stops.

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