Kin Cow – Popular Thai Beef Noodles Opened First Overseas Outlet in Singapore Chinatown Point

Thai Boat Noodles., Thai Beef Noodles, Thai Milk Tea. The latest craze in Thai food had swept into Singapore. From $1 Thai Boat Noodles which you can slurp down in one gulp to a large bowl of Thai Beef Noodle.


Popular Thai Beef Noodles, Sudyod, with 6 outlets in Thailand, had opened their very first overseas branch in Singapore China Town Point!

While the food might be the same, the ambience in Thailand is different from that in Singapore. A road side street food under the hot sun had evolved to an indoor air-conditioned setting. More comfortable to sit and eat, of course!


Kin Cow pronounced as “Kin khao” means to “eat rice” in Thai. Instead of using the word “khao”, a similar phonetic word “cow ” was used as the menu revolved around beef.

Using imported beef from USA, Australia and Japan, the Thai Beef Noodles were priced according to the various parts of the cow used: Brisket ($10.90), Short Rib ($12.90), Sirloin ($14.90), Ribeye ($17.90), Wagyu ($22.90).


Next, choose between Rice Noodles, Glass Noodles, “Mee” Rice Noodles, Chinese Egg Noodles and Thai Jasmine Rice.

The broth soup used differs from bowl to bowl depending on the “parts” you ordered.
We had the Short Rib Bowl ($12.90) which was light and refreshing, without leaving a thirsty feeling after the meal. The Rice Noodles recommended to us was springy, al dente and made its way down our throat easily.


The beef was thinly sliced, making it easy to chew whereas the beef meat balls were not as starchy.

Condiments such as Chili Powder, Green Chili and Red Chili was available for dipping. On the other hand, our Thai counterparts will prefer to pour the entire condiments into the soup for a hearty flavour.


While we loved the taste of the bowl, the portion could be a tad small for that price. We could easily finish 2 bowls on our own.
That being said, quality over quantity and the food at Kin Cow was definitely enjoyable.


Kin Cow

Address: Chinatown Point, #02-34, Singapore 059413

Opening hours: 11:30am to 3pm, 5:30pm to 10pm (Mon-Sun)

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