Asus Zenfone 3 First Look!



Sidetracking a little from the usual food reviews, this would be my 1st time doing a mobile review and I am really excited to share with you guys about ASUS Zenfone 3.

So here’s a picture of the ASUS Zenfone 3 with food in a flatlay! It adds a ZEN touch to the picture, don’t you think so?


Tokyo Banana from JAPAN

Upon unboxing, the box includes a sim card slot key, power adapter, a USB type C cable connector, ear phone and a user manual.


In monochrome colors!

The phone may look black to you but is in fact, in the color of elegant sapphire blue which makes it look classy. There are other colors as well, such as moonlight white, shimmer gold and aqua blue.


No problem using it single-handed

Skimming through the phone design, it has dual sim card slots on the left and power/ volume button on the right. I was surprised when I held up the slim (6.16mm) phone as it was light (155g) despite its dual metal and glass body. Owing to this nature, the Zenfone 3 has a slight slippery touch so please be careful when handling the naked phone.


Pokemon GO!

I have been using Zenfone 3 for a few days and it offers a stellar Battery life (3000mah) and can last a full day or two without charge and at least half a day with intense pokemon-hunting.


Some of my favorite pokemons with Zenfone 3

I am happy with how the Zenfone 3 supports the game as I have encountered poor GPS signal with other android phones prior to this and it can get really frustrating.

That’s all for the quick review and there would be a more in depth review coming up shortly. Meanwhile, I will spend time exploring other functions of the Zenfone 3 and of course, to catch more pokemons with it!

For more information and prices of the ASUS Zenfone 3, do check out ASUS Facebook / Instagram / Website

(This post is brought to you by Asus Mobile Singapore)

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