ButterKnife Folk -Dainty French Pastry From A Takeaway Shop At River Valley Road

Wah all the pastries are damn CHIO! We had our eyes glued to the selection there, with vibrant colours ranging from red to yellow to white and brown. Of course, we are sceptical if these pastries were merely made for Instagram (aka looks better than it tastes).

Located right behind the bus stop (so convenient) and opposite Guan Kitchen (with 1 PokeStop, Pokémon Masters alert!), Butterknife Folk serves as a takeaway counter with a limited seating area (4 pax max) at the back.

Their interior is painted brightly and bolding with neon yellow to give a vibrant and youthful touch and the bakes all looked so pretty and interesting!

The selection of bakes ($8 each) includes Marleth’s Mountain (Hazelnut toasted almond with chestnut mousse), Fruit Loop (lemon mousse, strawberry jelly, pistachio sponge), Lemon Snickel (Buckwheat Tart with lemon curd) and Bohemian Raspberry (Chocolate Raspberry and Hazelnut).

Our favourite was the Fruit Loop made up of lemon mousse, strawberry jelly and pistachio sponge. Cut through the loop to reveal the cross section with an interesting layering.

Citrusy and refreshing lemon mousse (for those who enjoy sourness) well balanced with the sweetness from the strawberry jelly.


The Lemon Snickel (Buckwheat Tart with lemon curd) tasted pretty average, just like any other lemon curd tart out there.

Apart from bakes, there’s a selection of gelato too. $5 for single scoop, $8 for double and $4 for each additional scoop.We were excited when we see interesting flavour such as Houjicha (Roasted Matcha) but tasted diluted though. Probably it’s in the form of a sorbet without milk. Ah wasted.


Due to the nature of a takeaway place, they offer Waffle Fingers ($3.50) instead of the full size waffle. We had the Yogurtberries made from Greek Yogurt, which was rich, creamy and delectable.

The waffle fingers on the other hand was a bit soft and limpy though.

So stick to their promising selection of bakes, bring out your butterknife and eat at ButterKnife Folk.

Butterknife Folk

Address: 238 River Valley Road, Singapore 238296

Opening hours: 10am to 8pm (Mon-Fri), 10am to 9pm (Sat), Closed Sun

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