Yo-Good Singapore -Takeaway Froyo Shop At Centrepoint

Froyo shops are not uncommon in Singapore, especially shiok to eat a cup of cold fray in the hot weather here.

Yo-good, sounds like yogurt, is located at the corner space of Centrepoint leading to OG (and the open space Starbucks), it’s pretty much a conspicuous site with constant human traffic.


Froyo here are sold by weight. The heavier it is, the more expensive it costs (duh). At $3.30 per 100g, don’t shiok shiok spam many ingredients in it and get a shock at the cashier (because that happened to me).

With 4 machines available for 4 different flavours, there’s vanilla, chocolate, cheesecake and bubblegum. Cheesecake and Bubblegum flavour?! Sounds pretty interesting!

A dual swirl is available for vanilla/ chocolate combo and cheesecake/ bubblegum combi.

At the moment, there’s only a single cup size: Large (bigger than a palm size and probably to attract people to fill up to the brim)


Next, choose your toppings from a series of containers hanging on the wall. Simply turn the knob and the ingredients will start falling into the cup.

A selection of fruits is available at the table with candies by the side for making it prettier (at least that’s for my case).


The bubblegum and cheesecake combo that we had was pretty delightful. The texture was smooth and creamy, not icy but the bubblegum pretty much overwhelmed the cheesecake.

Not to the extent of tasting artificial.


So if you are walking down Orchard Road on a hot day, why not make yourself feel So-good with a cup of Yo-good!



Yo-good Singapore

Address: The Centrepoint, #02-34, Singapore 238843

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm (Mon-Sun)

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