Hana Restaurant – Flying Udon And Soba At Orchard Forum Shopping Mall

What sorcery is this?!?! My noodles can fly, and it seems like I’m in a trick eye museum or are my eyes really playing a trick on me?

From the folks behind The Benjamins, who created the Over-The-Top Milkshakes hype in Singapore, they won’t stop at creating food hype here.


Now that’s something to keep our eyes (and camera) feasted because it’s really perplexing to see flying food in real life!

After an interior revamp, the menu features interesting items such as Food in Grid Boxes, Lobster Mayo Tacos ($15), Salted Egg Dip with Hana Fried Basket ($25), Chili Crab Dip with Soft Shell Crab Maki ($25), Pitan Tampura Maki ($18).


Our favourite was the Lobster Mayo Tacos ($15), with crispy hard taco shells that crunch with every bite. So be careful when the person next to you starts biting on these tacos.

The lobster mayo fillings gave it a sweetish savory taste that was pretty addictive.


The Pitan Tampura Maki ($18) was pretty uncommon as Pitan, aka century egg, has a pretty acquired taste. Either you love it, or you hate it.


The Grid Box on the other hand lay out the entire assortment of food neatly in boxes and the OCD in me loves it when everything is in order.


And the Flying Cha Soba ($16) is the highlight of the night. Instagram-worthy checked.

Confirm will spend a lot of time taking photos and videos of this!

We preferred the Salted Egg with Skinny Udon ($18) which was of a sweetish savory tze char taste.


Matcha lovers will rejoice at the idea of a Matcha Tiramisu aka Matcha-misu ($15). Once you start, you can’t stop.

Hana Restaurant Singapore

Address: The Forum Shopping Mall, #01-17, Singapore  238884

Opening hours: 12pm to 3pm, 6p, – 10.30pm (Mon-Sun)

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