Tensho Singapore – Japanese Tendon by MOF Opened At CentrePoint

Japanese tendons had been the IN thing this year where long queues could be spotted at Japanese tendons restaurants such as Kohaku at Suntec City.

We recently spotted a new tendon shop opened by MOF at the basement of the revamped Centrepoint, down the staircase beside Yo-Good.


The usual tendon shop will remind us of the smell, like a walking tempura when you stepped out of the restaurant. But not so much here with a spacious open space concept area.


Interestingly, there’s only 2 items on the menu. Vegetarian and non- vegetarian (Mixed Tendon) option.


Each tendon comes as a set with complimentary miso soup and chawanmushi. Drizzled with the same sweet sauce for both tendon sets, we preferred the non vegetarian (Mixed Tendon) more.


The Mixed Tendon ($14.90) came with 2 prawns, 2 dory fish, 1 onsen egg and vegetables. The batter was slightly on the oily side and wasn’t as crispy as we expected.


Compared to Kohaku, the amount of ingredients in the bowl was much lesser and less substantial, aka #bohua. Rice upsize is available at an additional $1, which wasn’t what we need as we had more rice than ingredients.

Taste-wise, it was pretty ordinary and not that memorable.


The Vege Tendon ($13.90) came with 2 handful of mixed vegetables instead of the meat. Unfortunately, it tasted as average as it looked.


As for the complimentary chawanmushi, it was really smooth and that was probably the best part of the meal. #NotTheTendon.

Water is chargeable at $0.50 per cup of refillable water.


As for now, I guessed they will need some improvement to make the tendons more memorable, considering that there are many options out there.


Address: The Centrepoint, #B1-20, Singapore 238843

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm (Mon-Sun)

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