Epiphyte SG – Galaxy Cake At Neil Road

Located just next to Maxwell Food Centre, the stretch of shophouses welcome a new addition – Epiphyte. As I walked towards the counter with a wide selection of bakes on display, it was like a walk in the garden.


Natural lighting pouring in at the end of the tunnel, I mean the cafe, the cafe smells of flowers. So floral, so refreshing, it felt like a walk in the park.


The selection of bakes in display looked as pretty as the interior: Galaxy Cake lookalike, pot of ‘plant’ in a cup and cheesecakes with floral notes in it. Looks promising.

The menu (here, here, here) was pretty extensive with alcohol beverages, alcohol desserts, bar bites and western food for mains.


So does it taste as good as it looks?

We had the Twilight ($10), which looked like a Galaxy cake, with streaks of random wavelike pattern spreading across the glossy surface of the pastry.


Looks reflective and Instagram-worthy though, like a valuable piece of gem.

We sliced the cake to reveal the layer of orange curd, chocolate sponge and marbling chocolate mousse.


The interior was soft and the balance of chocolate and zesty orange was on point. Smooth mousse and pretty light on its without the jelatness.

We enjoyed this cake and looked forward to other offerings that looked promising.

Epiphyte SG

Address: 47 Nei Road, Singapore 088827

Opening hours: 10am to 11pm (Mon-Thu), 10pm – 1am (Fri-Sat), Closed Sun

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