Starbucks Marina Bay Sands – The Only Outlet in Singapore with Siphon Brewing Method

Starbucks celebrated its 7th outlet Reserve Store at Marina Bay Sands this week. So what’s the difference between a Reserve store and the normal chain stores we see everywhere?


The Reserve store has the rarest and small-lot coffees among Starbucks beans. Currently, Singapore Starbucks’ reserve beans are:

  1. Papua New Guinea Luoka – Bright acidity with lemon, orange notes, cocoa finish
  2. Colombia La Union 16 – Lemony acidity and fresh green herbs notes
  3. Malawi Sable Farms – Citrus aroma, cranberry notes, creamy chocolate finish
  4. Burundi Procasta – Floral black tea aroma, bright lemony acidity, cardamom spice notes

I guessed it takes time to identity the tasting notes and for me, I would go “uhmmm… ya… true” when the barista revealed the tasting profiles of the coffee.


Ok, this is totally like a science laboratory where the teacher, I mean the barista used the Chemex method ($6.90 – $7.50 for a Grande size cup) to extract the taste of the Burundi Procasta.

Filter paper, filter funnel lookalike. So nostalgic, especially for me as a science student (eons ago) but hey, I still recognized this apparatus!


The Siphon method ($7.80 – $8.40) for a Tall cup) is the most interesting one among the lot here, and it’s the first Starbucks outlet in Singapore that used this brewing method, only available at MBS.

The entire flask at the bottom will turn red during heating, producing air bubbles that indicate that it’s boiling. Caution: it’s really hot!


Once heated, the grinded coffee will be placed within the contained on top and water will rise from the bottom flask to the top due to pressure difference (Do I sound like a scientist? hehe)

And within a minute, the water will go down again (really fast! so don’t blink because you cannot rewind the action). Looks like osmosis where the liquid passes through from one side to another.


Glad to see that Starbucks are on the coffee wave by introducing more brewing methods other than the usual drinks!

On a side note, I do like their Teavana series – Matcha & Espresso. One of the best drinks I had at Starbucks because I’m both a matcha and coffee fan!

Starbucks Marina Bay Sands

Address: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, B2-56, Singapore 018972

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