Tsuta Singapore – First Michelin Star Ramen Shop Opened In Singapore Pacific Plaza

A Michelin star in 2015, Tsuta became the FIRST Japanese ramen eatery to receive it, had opened their FIRST international outlet in Singapore. So many firsts!


Fun facts:  Queue started at 6am in Japan, hoping to get a ticket to dine at the 9-seaters restaurant, which only serves 150 bowls of ramen daily. Tickets normally sell out by 8am even though the store only opens at 11am.

Tsuta’s noodles are handmade, and Chef Yuki Onishi specially curated four types of whole wheat flour and whole grains to create the noodles.


The base of the soy broth is made with three types of shoyu, two formulated in-house and one made with whole soy beans that are matured for two years. The soy broth is then mixed with dashi (made with whole chickens, complementary vegetables, clams and other seafood ingredient).


At Singapore’s 18-seaters outlet, we have to queue outside the shop first. Once we enter the shop, there’s a touchscreen menu that allows us to choose from the selection of ramen before being directed to our seats. Mode of payment ranges from Cash, NETS to Credit cards!

  1. Choose 3 types of soup bases: Shoyu (black truffle sauce), Shio Soba (chicken-seafood blend, Okinawa sea salt and Mongolian rock salt) and Miso (launched at a later date)
  2. Pricing of the ramen (100g noodles) are as follows:

Shoyu / Shio Soba ($15) – 1 Char siu
Ajitama Shoyu / Shio Soba ($16.80) – 1 Char siu + 1 Egg
Char Siu Shoyu / Shio Soba ($21) – 4 Char siu
Char Siu Ajiama Shoyu / Shio Soba ($22.80) – 4 Char siu + 1 Egg


Additional toppings are available:

  1. Soba (Noodles 40g) – $1
  2. Menma (Bamboo Shoot) – $2
  3. Gohan (Rice) – $1.80
  4. 1 slice of Char Siu – $2
  5. Ahitama (Flavoured Egg) – $1.80
  6. Wheat Tea (Hot / Cold) – $1.80


Our favourite was the Shoyu Soba with a droplet of truffle puree. Truffle lovers will adore this as the truffle was distinct and yet not overwhelming. The soup is on the lighter side whereas I prefer a stronger tonkatsu base for my soup.


The highlight of the ramen had to be the noodles. Thin, springy, QQ texture which slipped down our throats easily. The Char siu on the other hand could be a little tough.

While the Michelin star may attract attention and raising expectation, it will be better to go with an open heart and enjoy the ramen.


Tsuta Singapore

Address: 9 Scotts Road, 01-01/02/03, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210

Opening hours: 6-11 Nov: 11am – 6pm (Mon-Sun)
12 Nov onwards: 11am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

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