Gudetama Cafe Singapore Opens in Suntec City!

Adding on to the various themed café (Pokemon Café, Pompompurin Café and Hello Kitty Orchid Garden), Gudetama Café is the latest to hit the shores of Singapore. Nostalgic memories of the Gudetama Cafe in Hong Kong which i went almost a year ago!

Gudetama Café Singapore is a joint venture between two local food brands, The Soup Spoon and Joe & Dough and dishes are co-created by food stylist Shirley, LittleMIssBento.


Cute Hor?

Gudetama known otherwise as Sanrio’s lazy egg is cute and it’s hard not to notice its striking yellow presence as  its merchandise (T shirt, plushie toys, bag and keychains) is practically seen everywhere. There would be a merchandise corner in the cafe as well. (would share more once i get the details)


The café is themed in yellow and white egg color and the furniture are also designed to suit the egg theme with chairs looking like egg shells. In the midst of the egg-themed setting, there are 2 large gudetama for photo shoots, selfies and OOTDS. Actually every corner in the café is also picture worthy la!


Greeting you at the entrance

It goes without saying that the food comes with the Gudetama cute theme and don’t you just want to laze and “NUA” like them?


Standard brunch items are offered in the menu: Scotch Eggs, Salmon Eggs Benedict, Big Breakfast, Burger and Waffles with the Gudetama lazy face imprinted on it! So cute right?


nua… we all want!


Why are the waffles not shaped like a Gudetama? Haha


We tried the mains: Cajun Chicken with Waffle ($23.90), Pork Ribs ($38.50) and Angus Ribeye Steak ($28.50) Prices are a little steep like other themed cafés but is comparably much better.





Of which, my favorites are the grilled tender cajun chicken (waffle beneath was a tad dry) and the pork ribs which has a smoky BBQ flavor. Most mains are served with fries so the side orders of Truffle Fries ($16.50) might be less an ideal.


Some caffeine fix!


Latte with a gudetama floating on top!


Mango Infused rose tea ($8.50)


I find this one cute, dont you think?

And lastly, the DESSERTS with an interesting twist and play to your mind!

This is probably the one that looks most like an dessert at first glance, chocolate brownie with fruits and banana. Made to resemble that of a big breakfast!


And we have the Shoyu Ramen above which is in fact chocolate mousse cake and the TA-MA-GO to the right that is sushi cheesecakes coated with rice puffs. The dollop of ‘wasabi’ is infact matcha curd in disguise!

Gude Pudding ($16.50) – caramel flan with vanilla ice cream. I liked chewing on the crisp sesame orange tuile for an added citrusy taste. Have fun wobbling the Gude pudding haha!



More cakes!

Citrus Pan ($7.50); White chocolate Mango Roll ($8.90); Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake ($8.50)


Be prepared for long queue just like how we witness long queues when Hello Kitty Café first open in May at Changi Airport. This time, (un)fortunately at a far more centralized location!

Opening today at 9am !!

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #01-361 Singapore 038983

Link: Facebook / Instagram

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 9am – 10pm; Friday to Sunday: 8am – 10pm

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