Kuro-Obi – Ippudo Opens FIRST Takeaway Ramen Bar in Marina Bay Sands

Kuro-Obi, the first in Asia, the second in the entire world (first outlet in New York City) had landed itself in Marina Bay Sands, next to the ice skating rink. Pretty much the cheapest food you can find in Marina Bay Sands (if you don’t consider food from the fod court).


Using Tori-paitan, a chicken soup base known to be smooth and delicate, each bowl of ramen starts at $8 with 140g of noodles and additional add-ons are available just like other ramen restaurants.


Firstly, we will need to get the order chit, and tick against the items that we need before making payment and collecting it within 5 minutes.

4 types of ramen are available: Kuro-Obi ($12), Aka-Obi ($10), Cha-Obi ($10) and Shiro-Obi ($8) all named after the colours of the taekwando belts.


Our favourite was the Kuro-Obi ($12) that comes with 3 pieces of chicken cha-shu. The noodles were more of the thicker yellow noodles that was commonly seen instead of the usual Japanese ramen so that it will not turn soggy during takeaway.

Soup could be a little on the salty side,  more robust in chicken flavour to allow the noodles to absorb.


I had the Aka-Obi ($10) too that came with spicy shrimp floss aka hei-bi hiam. More for the spicy lover, I find that the spiciness overpowers the flavour of the soup.


So if you are looking for quick and cheaper food alternative at Marina Bay Sands after shopping or playing Pokémon (still), Kuro-Obi might be the choice!


Address: Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, #B2-54/55, Singapore 018972 (next to ice skating rink)

Opening Hours: 10.30am – 11pm (Sun-Thur), 10.30am – 11.30pm  (Fri-Sat)



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