NINJA BOWL -Mentaiko Scrambled Eggs, Braised Beef Cheek Okonomiyaki In New Revamped Menu at Duxton

When Ninja Bowl first opened last year and we tried it (Read here), their menu focused primarily on rice bowls. Japanese rice bowls in Japanese names such as Geisha, Genki, Yasai.

9 months later, they stayed true to their Japanese inspiration and launched brunch food with a Japanese touch.


Think Pork Katsu with cheesy mashed potato ($18), Salmon confit with Orzo and Onsen Egg ($18), Steak and Udon ($18), Mentaiko Scrambled Egg with Scallops ($18) and Beef Cheek Okonomiyaki ($18).



Our favourite was the Mentaiko Scrambled ($18) that came with 5 plump and juicy Hokkaido scallops, with mentaiko infused within the scrambled eggs. For mentaiko lovers, dollops of mentaiko could be found at the side of the plate for additional umami-ness.

The egg was of the right consistency, light and fluffy, complemented with the heavier tasting mentaiko.

Sugoi desu!


Our 2nd favourite was the Aligot-O Gozaimasu ($18) with pork katsu, poached eggs, ume apple slaw and cheesy mashed potato. The crispy breaded crumbs of the pork katsu was of the right texture, coupled with the apple slaw to balance out the “jelak-ness”


How to say no to cheese? Especially to a gooey version that made the mashed potato thicker and smoother.

Arigatou-gozaimasu for such a creation!


Our attention was drawn towards the Ninja Okonomiyaki ($18) which was not commonly found in cafes. While the beef cheeks were braised for 24 hours to give a soft and tender texture, the okonomiyaki became soft and limpy due to the addition of the savory sauce.


No meal if complete without a dessert, especially their Fancy French ($16) that had been around since they first opened.

Old is Gold. The brioche was soft and buttery, with a layer of fig jam that elevates the sweetness.


Ume- boshi was infused within the honey to gibe it a Japanese twist, and topped with fresh grapes, plums and homemade hazelnut butter to make a complete dessert.


Ninja Bowl

Address: 15 Duxton Road, Singapore 089481

Opening Hours: 930am to 9pm (Weekdays); 9am to 6pm (Weekends)

Link: Facebook / Instagram

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