After You Dessert Cafe – Thai Milk Tea Kakigori In Bangkok IS THE BOMB!

After You Dessert Cafe had been one of tourists (and locals) Favourite the past few years. And I see why is that so.

With 18 outlets in Thailand, their signature Shibuya Toasts are no stranger to the fans. Think thick, soft, fluffy and buttery toast with scoop of ice cream and drizzled with maple syrup that was purely heaven (figuratively out of this world).

What I loved about the cafes in Thailand is their menu, with photos of the item they offer beside their name, useful for tourists like me who doesn’t understand Thai.

Their bestseller is the Toast that comes in 2 sizes: Baby (THB 165-225, SGD 6.60-9)  and   Normal (THB 185-255, SGD 7.40-10.20). I would say that their pricing is quite reasonable (in terms of Singapore Dollar conversion).

Flavours ranged from Ferrero, Matcha, Sticky Toffee, Milo, Nutella and Chocolate with Strawberry.


Other items include Kakigori (THB 215-235, SGD 8.60-9.40), Panna Cotta (THB 145, SGD 5.80), Mille Crepe (THB 125-155, SGD 5-6.20) and beverages.

We loved the Matcha Toast (THB 215, SGD 8.60, Normal/ THB 185, SGD 7.40  Baby) that comes with 2 scoops of matcha ice cream and maple syrup.

Think golden brown crispy crust, “buah” aka coated with a generous amount of salted butter on the inside of the fluffy white toast.

So aroi mak mak! Calories (I mean lots of calories) well spent.


The Black Matcha Toast which was their newest creation came in the form of a charcoal toast instead of their usual honey toast. Priced at THB225, SGD 9, an additional THB10 more than their respective counterparts, the charcoal toast was unfortunately more dry.

What surprised (in a pleasant way) was their Kakigori aka Korean bingsu or atas Singaporean Ice Kacang that comes in flavours such as Milo Volcano (THB 215, SGD 8.60), Strawberry Cheesecake (THB 235, SGD 9.40), Horlicks (THB 225, SGD 9) and Two Tone (THB225, SGD 9).


Don’t miss out on their seasonal menu that includes Mango Sticky Rice (which wasn’t available when we were there) and the Thai Tea Kakigori (THB 245, SGD 9.80).

Don’t be deceived by the small portion as the bowl was  palm-sized, yet it was quite filling,


Beautifully drizzled with milk foam, the Kakigori was very soft, fluffy and fine! The texture resembled more of a Korean bingsu instead of the Japanse Kakigori was which rough ice shaving..

Additional Thai Tea sauce was available for extra flavour and we poured it anyway, resulting in wastage as the bowl was overflowing with the ice shavings.

Dig further and we were pleasantly surprised to find cubes of soft, fluffy toast inside, each soaked with a generous amount of thai milk tea! In addition, glass jelly could be found to add an additional texture to the entire dessert.

Definitely worth the price of SGD 9.80 as a bowl o Korean bingsu in Singapore will cost us SGD 15.


We are definitely looking forward to our next trip to Bangkok to try the Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori, as their Thai Tea version had way surpassed our expectation.


After You Dessert Café (Bangkok)

Address: Siam Paragon, G Floor

Opening hours: 10am – 10.30pm (Mon-Sun)

Website: Facebook / Instagram


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