Hvala Waffle Bar – Matcha Softserve,Ice Blended, Latte, Frappe At 313Somerset

Matcha fans (or matchaholics) will be sad that Tsujiri had shifted out of 313 Somerset to Centrepoint Orchard.

Fear nor, Hvala Waffle Bar that was located beside Tsujiri at 313 Somerset basement had started their entire series of Matcha desserts! Woohoo!

There are 2 flavour available each time: Vanilla and Matcha for now. Each softserve comes in the name of Yogi (yuzu jelly), Tsuba (toasted buckwheat puffs), Bella (peanuthazelnut spread).

Their signature Puffle shaped like the Hong Kong style Eggette but tasted more like a waffle is available as an add-on at $3.

The Tsuba ($7.80 + $3 Puffle) was OMG big. Definitely good for sharing with so much toppings on it. Think gula melaka sago, dango (Japanese rice balls), Seaweed cracker (so oishii) and a huge-ass puffle that is bigger than my face (ok, my face is small. Like real)

The matcha softserve was smooth and pretty distinct, except that it got overwhelmed by the sweetness from the gula melaka sago halfway through. But still, it’s one of the better softserve out there.

My personal favorite was actually this Matcha Soba Softserve ($5.20 for cup, $5.70 for cone). Yeah you heard me right, it’s a SAVORY softserve! Like eating Soba in the softserve form!

It’s an interesting combination between the savory Soba sauce drizzled on it and the sweet/bitter matcha softserve. Topped with Toasted Buckwheat puff, Wasabi furikake and crispy seaweed, this softserve was one hell of enjoyment!

Sugoii desu!


The Matcha Softserve ($5.20 cup/ $5.70 cone) came in a tall and beautiful swirl, with distinct matcha taste in it.Very smooth and rich, just right for the hardcore matcha fans. An option of either the biscuit or Nutella toppings is available complimentary with the matcha soft serve.


Lattes are available for those who wished for a drink instead of a dessert. The Matcha Houjicha Latte is priced at $5.50, beautifully whisked before pouring into the cup. Rich and intense flavour of earthly matcha and roasted flavours of houjicha was the best of both worlds!

Hvala Singapore

Address: 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road #B3-50, Singapore 238895

Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10pm (Mon-Sun)

Link: Facebook / Instagram

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