Min Jiang One-North – Experience “Magic Of Black Garlic” From 15 Mar to 14 Apr

Garlic fans rejoice! For just one month from 15 Mar till 14 Apr, 6 unique dishes using black garlic is available exclusively at Min Jiang One-North!

The Black Garlic consisted of antioxidant and energy boosting abilities (woohoo!), with a sweet flavour.

6 unique dishes with Black Garlic incorporated are:

1. Black Garlic Duo Platter ($12 per pax) – 3 types of preparation for garlic: sautéed minced, deep-fried and sautéed cube. Plump Japanese scallop stuffed with a mixture of crunchy minced prawn, black garlic and water chestnut. A personal Favourite addictive Savoury dish among the selection.


2. Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Black Garlic, Dried Scallops and Top Shell ($22 per pax) – a comforting bowl of soup with lots of shredded scallop perfect on a cold raining day

3. Steamed Lobster with Winter Melon and Black Garlic in Soy Sauce ($30) – Our Favourite and also the prettiest dish here, with a tinge of sweetness from the black garlic.

4. Stewed Organic Green Tea Noodles with Black Garlic and Minced Pork ($10 per pax) – Just like our local miniature version of 炸酱面 (Zha Jiang Mian) with the usual minced pork with even more sweetness from the black garlic.

5. Sautéed beef cubes with 2 kinds of garlic ($36)

6. Pan-fried sea perch with Black Garlic and vegetables ($16 per pax)

Garlic lovers (not the hardcore ones who will ward off vampires) will enjoy these offerings without the overpowering garlic scent.

Min- Jiang at One-North

Address: 5 Rochester park, Singapore 139216

Link: Facebook

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