Yakiniku Heijoen Singapore – Wagyu Beef Buffet At 100AM Mall (itadakimasu by PARCO)

With 2 outlets in Singapore, one near to Tanjong Pagar MRT at level 3 of 100AM Mall (Itadakimasu By PARCO) and another at Orchard Wisma Atria (Japan Food Town), both are are popular Japanese F&B clusters here.


Established in Japan since 1976 with over 24 outlets in Tokyo alone, Yakiniku Heijoen is an authentic Tokyo barbecue steakhouse, offering Heijoen’s specialty grilled A5 Japanese Kuroge (black-haired) Wagyu beef sourced from all over Japan.

Taking pride in the quality of meat, Heijoen purchase whole domestic Wagyu cows from farmers and age the meat until tender to bring a different taste and flavour to the beef, before marinating it with a traditional in-house recipe.


The difference between the 2 outlets at Tanjong Pagar 100AM mall and Orchard Wisma Atria is that the former offers a buffet-style menu.

Lunch buffet price starts as low as $19.90 for Pork yakiniku with 29 choices, $25.90 for Beef yakiniku with 35 choices, $38.90 for Rich yakiniku with 46 choices and $49.90 for Premium yakiniku with 52 choices, limited to 50 minutes per meal.


Dinner buffet on the other hand ranges from $35.90 for Beef yakiniku with 35 choices in 70 minutes, $48.90 for Rich yakiniku with 46 choices and $59.90 for Premium yakiniku with 56 choices in 90 minutes.

We opted for the Premium yakiniku with 56 choices ($59.90) that comes with free-flow of these 2 highlights: Japanese Wagyu Kalbi and Wagyu Harami.


Look at the marbling of the wagyu cut! Grilled it for a few seconds to reach medium-rare for the perfect bite.

Soft and tender, with a melt-on-the-tongue sensation, both the Japanese Wagyu Kalbi and Wagyu Harami is available is garlic salt and sweet BBQ sauce marination.

It’s not common to have a wagyu beef buffet, especially of a A5 grade (highest class of Japanese beef). So wagyu lovers, #DontSayBojio.


Our 2nd favourite item on the buffet is the Beef Tongue, which people might find it difficult to accept. Especially it feels as though you are biting your tongue, I mean the cow’s tongue.

It has more chewiness to it, compared to the other meaty parts, best goes with the garlic salt marination.


Those who are adventurous can try out the Large intestine and first stomach of the cow, different from the local version of kway chap (mixed organs) in the sense that it’s grilled instead.

Texture-wise, the large intestine and first stomach are pretty much similar and really chewy.


Even though the main focus is on their selection of beef (Harami, Tongue, Steak, Kalbi (Short ribs), Rosu (loin), Pork Kalbi and Pork Rosa are also served for a more complete meal.


Apart from being Japanese restaurant, several Korean dishes could be found here such as Beef & Pork Kalbi (Short Ribs), Bibimbap, Japchae (Korean stir fried noodles), Kimchi, Spinach and Radish commonly served as banchan (appetizers).


The selection of food items is definitely comprehensive and filling for the stomach, so come with an empty stomach and indulge in the free-flow Wagyu cut, exclusively in the Premium yakiniku ($59.90) dinner set!


Yakiniku Heijoen Singapore (itadakimasu by PARCO)

Official Websites: Facebook / Instagram

Address: 100 Tras Street, #03-11, 100AM, Singapore 079027 (5mins walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station / Beside AMARA Singapore Hotel)

Tel: 6538 2981

Opening hours: Lunch 11am – 3pm, Dinner 5pm – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

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