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The Queen’s Cats – Tai Tai High Tea Cafe at Holland Village

If you see Barbarella at Holland Village, chances are she will most likely be at The Queen’s Cats, with a Tiffany blue interior (just like Dazzling Cafe), dainty tea sets perfect for a tai tai afternoon tea session and an ambience with an English charm. Situated right beside Coffee Beans along Holland Village is a 2 storeys high building with a

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Atmosphere Cafe Bistro – 2nd outlet at Alexandra Central

So kawaii! My friends screamed when they saw cute 3D latte art floating on their coffee, and not wanting to drink and ‘destroy’ it. Apart from Chock Full of Beans that served 3D latte art, these cute little 3D foams resulted in a big hype over social media. The first outlet for Atmosphere Bistro opened at East Coast road, with

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16 Best Shibuya Toasts In Singapore Cafes

When we first had our first dose of Shibuya Toast in Bangkok’s After You Café, we started our hunt for it in Singapore. After all, Singaporeans love desserts and the combination of cold ice cream on top of warm thick toast was just so comforting. It took us some time to try out the best Shibuya toasts around in Singapore

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Archipelago Creamery – Shibuya Toast and waffles In the West!

We found a good hideout from the hot and hazy weather yesterday, at Archipelago Creamery, that’s a stone throw away from home (but far for many), in the far west of Singapore, near Pulau NTU. Good for all you NTU students ah! The cafe is painted in shades of classy white and tiffany blue, perhaps an oceanic theme? Hmm, tiffany

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The Guide to Thai Milk Tea In Singapore Cafes And Restaurants

Thai Milk Tea had become a common drink in Singapore and not just limited to dining in Thai food restaurants. We noticed an upcoming surge of cafes offering Iced Thai Milk Tea too, for dining in and for takeaway. Thai Milk Tea could be a meal on its own, with the carnation milk/ condensed milk added for sweetening (Calories!?!?) and

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Beesket – Buzzing Into Singapore at Changi and Clementi

Korean DIY juicebar, Beesket, that allows us to customise the drinks we wanted is now in Singapore! Making a beeline into Changi City Point and Clementi 321 Shopping Mall, the vibrant shop layout is indeed attractive. Beesket, formed by 2 words, Bee and Basket, literally means that we have to collect the fruits (in this case, the small fruit tags)

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