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Archipelago Creamery – Shibuya Toast and waffles In the West!

We found a good hideout from the hot and hazy weather yesterday, at Archipelago Creamery, that’s a stone throw away from home (but far for many), in the far west of Singapore, near Pulau NTU. Good for all you NTU students ah! The cafe is painted in shades of classy white and tiffany blue, perhaps an oceanic theme? Hmm, tiffany

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The Guide to Thai Milk Tea In Singapore Cafes And Restaurants

Thai Milk Tea had become a common drink in Singapore and not just limited to dining in Thai food restaurants. We noticed an upcoming surge of cafes offering Iced Thai Milk Tea too, for dining in and for takeaway. Thai Milk Tea could be a meal on its own, with the carnation milk/ condensed milk added for sweetening (Calories!?!?) and

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Beesket – Buzzing Into Singapore at Changi and Clementi

Korean DIY juicebar, Beesket, that allows us to customise the drinks we wanted is now in Singapore! Making a beeline into Changi City Point and Clementi 321 Shopping Mall, the vibrant shop layout is indeed attractive. Beesket, formed by 2 words, Bee and Basket, literally means that we have to collect the fruits (in this case, the small fruit tags)

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New Korean Shaved Milk Bingsu Cafes In Singapore

Bingsu! So perfect for this hot weather. The Korean bingsu craze in Singapore continues as the temperature rises. First originated in Korea, the bingsu is the korean version of our local ice kachang. And many people will not understand the large difference in price, perhaps just like locals and expats. Korean Bingsu is now differentiated into 2 big camps: the

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The Ultimate Guide to Cafes With Thai Milk Tea

We know that Lava Cake, Rainbow Cake, Red Velvet Cake is so yesterday… With so many cafes and so many varieties out there… what can really attract your attention? For us… It’s…. (drumroll…) THAI MILK TEA! It’s like a hidden gem… not too common, under-rated , yet addictive. So in this guide, we uncover this hidden gem and introduce the wonder

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Eggs & Berries

Want to have Eggs & Berries? In case you are wondering, we are talking about literally going to the dining venue- Eggs & Berries to have eggs and berries. LOL! Eggs & Berries have just launched its newly revamped menu that promises healthy eating that expects only natural flavors. . Apart from the classic Caesar salad, there is the option of Yuzu

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