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Citizen M Taipei – New, Clean, High-tech Hotel Near Taipei Main Station

Citizen M, the Netherlands-based hotel chain had opened their very FIRST branch in Asia (Taipei) in July 2017! So NEW! Located near to both Taipei Main station (the station at the very centre of Taipei City with High Speed Rail, Normal train and MRT) and XiMenDing (a hipster area for nightlife, night market and movies), it is one of the

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After You Dessert Cafe – Thai Milk Tea Kakigori In Bangkok IS THE BOMB!

After You Dessert Cafe had been one of tourists (and locals) Favourite the past few years. And I see why is that so. With 18 outlets in Thailand, their signature Shibuya Toasts are no stranger to the fans. Think thick, soft, fluffy and buttery toast with scoop of ice cream and drizzled with maple syrup that was purely heaven (figuratively

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Travel Guide: Fly To Cebu Via TigerAir

Balut, mangoes, lechon (suckling pigs), these are many people’s first impressions about Philippines. More than just the usual options, more water recreational sports (Snorkeling, Diving) are available now at Cebu and Boracray. Woohoo! Sounds like an idea for a weekend staycation. Flying to Cebu is made easier with the implementation of several flights daily. Direct flights from Singapore to Cebu

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