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Hvala Waffle Bar – Matcha Softserve,Ice Blended, Latte, Frappe At 313Somerset

Matcha fans (or matchaholics) will be sad that Tsujiri had shifted out of 313 Somerset to Centrepoint Orchard. Fear nor, Hvala Waffle Bar that was located beside Tsujiri at 313 Somerset basement had started their entire series of Matcha desserts! Woohoo! There are 2 flavour available each time: Vanilla and Matcha for now. Each softserve comes in the name of

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Yo-Good Singapore -Takeaway Froyo Shop At Centrepoint

Froyo shops are not uncommon in Singapore, especially shiok to eat a cup of cold fray in the hot weather here. Yo-good, sounds like yogurt, is located at the corner space of Centrepoint leading to OG (and the open space Starbucks), it’s pretty much a conspicuous site with constant human traffic. Froyo here are sold by weight. The heavier it

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I See i See – Hong Kong Ice Popsicles Opened At 313 Somerset

Popular Icecream Popsicles with 4 outlets in Hong Kong opened their FIRST overseas outlet in Singapore 313 Somerset this summer! As a takeaway kiosk with other F&Bs at the basement 3 of 313 Somerset, their menu offered a range of fruity and milk- based ice pop ($5.90 – $7.90).  8-12 flavours would be available each time and no 2 ice pops are

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