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Lan Ting – Dim Sum Restaurant Opened At 8am in Siglap

When I saw a new dim sum restaurant opening at Siglap, I got really excited! Hurray Easties!!! Especially when it opens early in the morning at 8am. My parents (and folks from the older generation) who could wake up early on a weekend (which I couldn’t) have another place to hang out, and drag me out of bed with them.

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Antoinette – It’s A Croissant Party – Salted Egg, Chili Crab, Matcha, Kaya, Cheese, Salted Caramel

The salted egg croissant craze swept through Singapore, and Antoinette was not spared. Helming the pastry kitchen is Chef Pang, who specializes in delicate and intricate French pastries. We were not surprised when Antoinette would release their own version of Salted Egg croissant ($6.50) which was our personal Favourite in Singapore – Flaky and buttery croissant with a grainy salted

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