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Hvala Waffle Bar – Matcha Softserve,Ice Blended, Latte, Frappe At 313Somerset

Matcha fans (or matchaholics) will be sad that Tsujiri had shifted out of 313 Somerset to Centrepoint Orchard. Fear nor, Hvala Waffle Bar that was located beside Tsujiri at 313 Somerset basement had started their entire series of Matcha desserts! Woohoo! There are 2 flavour available each time: Vanilla and Matcha for now. Each softserve comes in the name of

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ButterKnife Folk -Dainty French Pastry From A Takeaway Shop At River Valley Road

Wah all the pastries are damn CHIO! We had our eyes glued to the selection there, with vibrant colours ranging from red to yellow to white and brown. Of course, we are sceptical if these pastries were merely made for Instagram (aka looks better than it tastes). Located right behind the bus stop (so convenient) and opposite Guan Kitchen (with

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Matchaya opens in Icon Village – Now You Can get HOUJICHA Soft Serve in Singapore

  Matchaya expanded from an online shop to a physical shop space at Icon Village and you must be thinking so what right? We made a beeline for the HOUJICHA soft serve (Is it a first in Singapore?) after learning that they started selling it at the shop! The HOUJICHA SOFT Serve! Despite its dull appearance as compared to its

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