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Matchaya opens in Icon Village – Now You Can get HOUJICHA Soft Serve in Singapore

  Matchaya expanded from an online shop to a physical shop space at Icon Village and you must be thinking so what right? We made a beeline for the HOUJICHA soft serve (Is it a first in Singapore?) after learning that they started selling it at the shop! The HOUJICHA SOFT Serve! Despite its dull appearance as compared to its

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Guide to Matcha Swiss Rolls in Singapore – Rolling In The Deep

You are my poison and my antidote Being Matchaholics, we go for anything matcha, loving its subtle tea flavour and beautiful color. Matcha desserts range from cakes, lava cakes, cheese cakes, brownies to swiss rolls. We went on a roll eating swiss rolls and discovered a few lesser-known ones as well. So what defines a good matcha swiss roll? A

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