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ButterKnife Folk -Dainty French Pastry From A Takeaway Shop At River Valley Road

Wah all the pastries are damn CHIO! We had our eyes glued to the selection there, with vibrant colours ranging from red to yellow to white and brown. Of course, we are sceptical if these pastries were merely made for Instagram (aka looks better than it tastes). Located right behind the bus stop (so convenient) and opposite Guan Kitchen (with

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The Queen’s Cats – Tai Tai High Tea Cafe at Holland Village

If you see Barbarella at Holland Village, chances are she will most likely be at The Queen’s Cats, with a Tiffany blue interior (just like Dazzling Cafe), dainty tea sets perfect for a tai tai afternoon tea session and an ambience with an English charm. Situated right beside Coffee Beans along Holland Village is a 2 storeys high building with a

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