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Gudetama Cafe Singapore Opens in Suntec City!

Adding on to the various themed café (Pokemon Café, Pompompurin Café and Hello Kitty Orchid Garden), Gudetama Café is the latest to hit the shores of Singapore. Nostalgic memories of the Gudetama Cafe in Hong Kong which i went almost a year ago! Gudetama Café Singapore is a joint venture between two local food brands, The Soup Spoon and Joe

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Choo Choo Chicken 츄츄 Opens 3rd outlet at Pasarbella, Suntec City

I have forgotten the number of times I visited Choo Choo Chicken but this was my first time at the new outlet that opened 2 days ago at Suntec Pasarbella. (Read about my previous visit)   They serve up the usual menus as the other two outlets, expect fried chickens (chicken tenders, balls, wing or whole chicken) and cham chi rice burger where tuna/spam/bulgogi

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