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District 10 at Suntec City – Ageing is GOOD!

All along, I always have negative connotations to the word “ageing”, like when you age, you stands a higher risk of disease, fragility and mortality. But tonight, AGEING is GOOD!! The new District 10 at Suntec City boasts a European meat show case, chiller for dry aged meat and butcher’s block for live cuts. For those unfamiliar, dry ageing is the

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Kuishin Bo in the new wing of Suntec City!

Kuishin Bo reopens in the new wing of Suntec City, and their buffet spread features over 100 varieties of food; from salads to fresh seafood, teppanyaki to desserts, not just Japanese food only okay. It makes a great choice for large groups when everyone has different preferences for food, saving everyone the headache of suggesting a place to eat. Pricing

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