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A Poke Theory – Healthy Poke Bowls in CBD!

Poke your own Pokebowl at A Poke Theory – Hawaiian concept of raw fish salad! You gotta eat ‘em all (as much as you want, albeit with increasing prices) in your pokeball (bowl), to your liking. Interior here is minimal and simple and sits around 40. Step 1: start with base: Signature Sushi Rice / Quinoa or Salad (for the

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Chotto Matte, Japanese Restaurant at Blair Road

A hidden gem at a hidden spot, at Blair Road. Chotto Matte (please wait a second) or maybe a 5000 seconds here, at Chotto Matte for a meal? Chotto Matte, if you have guessed it from its name, is a restaurant serving Japanese inspired dishes with a European twist. My favorite dish was this bowl of Garlic fried rice with

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