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Yakiniku Heijoen Singapore – Wagyu Beef Buffet At 100AM Mall (itadakimasu by PARCO)

With 2 outlets in Singapore, one near to Tanjong Pagar MRT at level 3 of 100AM Mall (Itadakimasu By PARCO) and another at Orchard Wisma Atria (Japan Food Town), both are are popular Japanese F&B clusters here. Established in Japan since 1976 with over 24 outlets in Tokyo alone, Yakiniku Heijoen is an authentic Tokyo barbecue steakhouse, offering Heijoen’s specialty

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Chotto Matte, Japanese Restaurant at Blair Road

A hidden gem at a hidden spot, at Blair Road. Chotto Matte (please wait a second) or maybe a 5000 seconds here, at Chotto Matte for a meal? Chotto Matte, if you have guessed it from its name, is a restaurant serving Japanese inspired dishes with a European twist. My favorite dish was this bowl of Garlic fried rice with

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