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2016 Ultimate Guide to Cafe-hopping in Johor Bahru, JB

Since December holidays are just around the corner, I thought I shall come up with this café-hopping guide to JB and share some of the cafes in the JB landscape (old/new cafes) that you may or may not have came across. I often tell my friends that it is faster for me to go JB than to go town (assuming a smooth

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Wawa Chicken VS 22 Korea Fried Chicken Factory 韩国炸鸡工厂, Korean Fried Chicken craze hits Johor Bahru JB

Korean Fried Chicken Craze hits JB with the opening of two Korean Fried Chicken joints, giving us (Singaporeans) more reasons to cross the causeway to JB for a day trip over the weekends. Wawa Chicken Wawa Chicken is located within the JB City Square Shopping Centre trendy and hipster Inner City. It is more like a hole in the wall café

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